Premium Hotels

Superior Doppelzimmer Hotel Scheffelhöhe
Hotel Scheffelhöhe
Adolf-Bieringer-Str. 20, DE-76646 Bruchsal
Hotel Scheffelhöhe
Adolf-Bieringer-Str. 20
DE-76646 Bruchsal
Außenansicht Hotel „Gasthof zum Biber“
Hotel „Gasthof zum Biber“
Hauptstr. 17, DE-97786 Motten
Hotel „Gasthof zum Biber“
Hauptstr. 17
DE-97786 Motten
Aussenansicht Hotel Gasthof Zur Bündte
Hotel Gasthof Zur Bündte
Jeninserstr. 6, CH-7307 Jenins
Hotel Gasthof Zur Bündte
Jeninserstr. 6
CH-7307 Jenins
Aussenansicht Arcus Hotel
Arcus Hotel
Vaterstettener Str. 1, DE-85622 Weißenfeld
Arcus Hotel
Vaterstettener Str. 1
DE-85622 Weißenfeld
Aussenansicht Altstadthotel Arte Fulda
Altstadthotel Arte Fulda
Doll 2-4, DE-36037 Fulda
Altstadthotel Arte Fulda
Doll 2-4
DE-36037 Fulda
Außenansicht Ringhotel Schorfheide
Ringhotel Schorfheide
Hubertusstock 2, DE-16247 Joachimsthal
Ringhotel Schorfheide
Hubertusstock 2
DE-16247 Joachimsthal
Aussenansicht Stammhaus Hotel-Restaurant Rose
Hotel-Restaurant Rose
Weißlensburger Str. 12, DE-74626 Bretzfeld
Hotel-Restaurant Rose
Weißlensburger Str. 12
DE-74626 Bretzfeld
Aussenansicht Hotel Am Froschbächel
Hotel Am Froschbächel
Henri-Dunant-Platz 2, DE-77815 Bühl
Hotel Am Froschbächel
Henri-Dunant-Platz 2
DE-77815 Bühl



The days of major traffic jams before the Gleinalm and Bosruck toll booths on the A 9 in Austria are now a thing of the past. Not only have the lane widths been increased (from 2.30 to 3 meters), but also a new digital toll system with two barrier-free lanes has been introduced.


Since it is currently not yet completely clear how long the corona virus can survive on a surface, should also be able to survive in a car the frequently touched areas ("contact areas") should be given special attention. According to Ford Werke, these include steering wheel, door handles, gear levers, knobs, touch screen, armrests and Seat adjustments.


Sometimes the "soup" is really thick - fog in the spring mornings and evenings repeatedly causes considerable traffic jams. Suddenly a "grey wall" opens up, which extremely restricts visibility. At the wheel, you have to act calmly: instead of braking hard, slow down and turn on the low beam.


Germany is in Covid19 hypnosis, but some have to be wide awake. Thousands of truck drivers are tirelessly on the road to ensure the supply chains of basic supplies. A contribution to these everyday heroes is now being made by Germany's major truck depot chains, the 24 truck depots, the Euro rest parks and the maxi truck depots.

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