The 2019 edition turns the left+right of the motorway into a motorway guide because there are more and more European users.

The website has been relaunched and offers more languages and convenient booking options.


The book edition Links+Rechts der Autobahn appears in a print run of 52,000 copies.

It contains more than 2,000 recommendations in 25 European countries on over 400 pages.


1.3 million page impressions count autobahn-guide.com, 40 percent of which come from abroad.

Introduction of the commission free online booking tool CM Studio .iBooking


The "Bonus Card" for "staying overnight at the best price" is introduced.


"Hotel Guide", the app from Links+Rechts der Autobahn, appears for the first time in an Android version and is available in the Google PlayStore.


Left+right of the motorway is available for the first time in a version for SmartPhones.

The app "HotelGuide" for iPhones is available for free in the App-Store.


The first on-line version of the travel guide left+right of the motorway published so far only as book goes to the start: www.linksundrechts.com, today autobahn-guide.com.

1974 – 1998

The travel guide is growing dynamically: more and more European countries are joining, the print run rises to over 100,000 copies.


left+right of the motorway changes the format: from DIN A4 to the practical "glove compartment format" DIN A5.


The motorway travel guide appears for the first time as an independent book edition at the retail price of 50 Pfennig.


Left+right of the motorway appears for the first time as a four-page supplement in the commercial vehicle magazine Kraftfahrzeug-Anzeiger (today: KFZ-Anzeiger).