The Stünings Medien GmbH is an innovative, established medium enterprise with seat in Krefeld. Around 110 employees work in our publishing, Internet, advertising and printing divisions. The program of the 1929 created exempt private company reaches from specialized magazines and travel guides over the production of folders, catalogs and customer magazines up to complete solutions for Internet and Apps. While other media companies keep their vertical range of manufacture rather flat, at Stünings Medien all areas are closely networked locally - with short distances and a fast flow of information. Thanks to the complex networking, Stünings Medien's customers can benefit from valuable synergy effects: The intelligent data management and the constantly further developed databases enable the fast and cost-effective preparation of brochures, catalogues or magazines in printed form, for the Internet and mobile applications.

The Publishing division comprises travel guides, trade journals, online media and apps. The total print circulation is over one million per year. The Internet department hosts over 600 current domains, creates websites, takes care of CMS, shop systems and databases. Our advertising/print team advises over 12,500 customers, from conception and graphics to printing and processing. The print department in Krefeld's largest offset printing plant (offset and digital printing) processes an average of 45,000 orders per year.