Marketing packages
You too can benefit!

You too can benefit from Autobahn Guide - put together the right marketing package for you. It contains the five building blocks Print, Mobile, Booking and Bonus.

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Bonus Card
The plus for your hotel

You too can become a Bonus Card partner hotel. Your guest will then receive an eight percent discount on the room rates listed on Autobahn Guide.

bonus card 2019 example

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Also as App
„Hotel Guide“ for smartphones and tablets

This makes it even easier for guests to find you: Downloaded free of charge, mobile travel planning begins. Users can see all important information about your house at a glance and can book directly.

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The travel guide as book

Recommend your hotel to European car travelers. Road and motorway maps show the way to your hotel. Over 400 pages, the practical glove box format and 52,000 copies in print speak for themselves.

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