Become a BONUS-CARD partner hotel! With the BONUS-CARD, your guest receives an eight percent discount on the room rates listed by Autobahn Guide. You will also receive a free entry in the Autobahn-Guide newsletter and on Facebook. More than 600 private users and a constantly growing number of participating partner hotels speak for themselves. With this free advertising for your hotel, you can bind your guests to your hotel for the long term.

The plus for your hotel

Stronger customer loyalty: Give your guests the motorway guide BONUS-CARD. Your guest receives in the future 8% discount on the room prices proven in motorway Guide. Already on the return journey it can use the BONUS CARD - and comes still rather into your hotel. In this way you can bind your guests to your hotel for the long term.

Additional guests: Other BONUS-CARD holders who are not yet your customers also have an additional incentive to stay at your hotel.

New impulses: Highlight the performance of the BONUS-CARD particularly: on your homepage, in your brochures and advertisements as well as in your entry in Autobahn-Guide.

How can your hotel participate?

The prerequisite for participation is that your hotel has actively booked a marketing package. Then simply ask your hotel to participate in the BONUS-CARD motorway guide using the participation form on this page.

As soon as your signed order has been received by Stünings GmbH, your hotel will be activated for the BONUS-CARD system. You can then use your user account to check your guest's Bonus Card quickly and easily. In addition, your entry then receives the Bonus Card symbol for direct recognition that you are participating in this program.

Participation in the BONUS-CARD system does not entail any additional costs for you (except for the 8 percent discount granted).

Please note: The old bonus card (in cheque card form) remains valid until the end of the year and cannot be checked via your user account.

Request participation

We would like to participate in the BONUS-CARD program with our hotel. Please send us the necessary documents.

I agree that my data will be stored and processed by the company Stünings GmbH for the purpose of participating in the bonus programme. I have taken note of the data protection regulations of Stünings and agree to them.