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Bosnia-and-herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Panoramabild Bosnien Herzegowina

What do Edin Hasanovic, Marin Čilić and Andrea Petković have in common? They all come from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The country is mostly populated with dense forests and attracts many visitors every year. For example, in the Sutjeska National Park you can marvel at one of the last Perućica primeval forests. The trees there grow up to 60 meters high. A well-known landmark of the country is in Mostar. The Stari Most is an elegant bridge which, after its destruction in the civil war, was used for reconstruction and reconciliation of different cultures. A special, but also dangerous tradition there is jumping from the bridge into the river Radobolja.

Cuisine in Bosnia and Herzegovina is very traditional. Bosanski Lonac is particularly popular. A stew of meat and vegetables. Another popular meal is the flat bread Pita, which is similar to the Turkish Pide. After a good meal people in Bosnia and Herzegovina drink coffee, which is often served with sweet pastries. Typical here is Rahat Lokum, which are square jelly blocks with icing sugar.

Country information
  • Surface 51197 km²
  • Inhabitants 3 Mio.
  • Capital Sarajevo
  • car national character BIH
  • Summer/Winter Time
  • Preselection +387
  • Currency Convertible mark (KM)
  • Lane right
  • Toll The completed section of the A1 motorway is subject to tolls
  • Speed Limits 60/80/130 km/h
  • daytime running light mandatory
  • First-aid kit mandatory
  • Warning Vest mandatory
  • warning triangle mandatory
  • Volt / Hz 220 V / 50 Hz
  • connector types
    C F
Rravel documents
  • EU citizens, Swiss
    passport, national identity card

    Non-EU citizens
    passport with visa

    driving licence, vehicle registration document, green insurance card (recommended)

    Dogs + cats
    EU pet passport, microchip, rabies vaccination

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