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Aufmacher Bild Deutschland

Who has not heard the names Beethoven, Bach or Brahms? Or Goethe and the Brothers Grimm? Who hasn't heard of the enormous Cologne Cathedral - one of 46 Unesco World Heritage Sites in Germany? Wouldn't it be exciting to experience a journey from Alaska via Africa to Asia in just one day, in the Zoom Erlebniswelt? Furthermore, you shouldn't miss Europa-Park - Germany's biggest theme park - if you are in the mood for adventure and lots of fun.

But there is not only much to see and discover. But also to taste and enjoy. We don't want to forget that Germany has perfected the art of brewing - with around 5,000 different types of beer, Germany offers an incredible variety. Cheese lovers also get their money's worth. On the more than 500 km long Cheese Road in Schleswig-Holstein you can marvel at more than 120 types of cheese in Schleswig-Holstein in companies and at events. But there's also something sweet: The Aachener Printe is a fine honey cake that finds its origins in Napoleon's time.

Country information
  • Surface 357386 km²
  • Inhabitants 82 Mio.
  • Capital Berlin
  • car national character D
  • Summer/Winter Time
  • Preselection +49
  • Currency Euro (€)
  • Lane right
  • Toll No tolls, some bridges and tunnels subject to tolls
  • Speed Limits 50/100/130 km/h
  • daytime running light only prescribed for motorcycles
  • First-aid kit mandatory
  • Warning Vest mandatory
  • warning triangle mandatory
  • Volt / Hz 230 V / 50 Hz
  • connector types
    C F
Rravel documents
  • EU citizens, Swiss
    passport, national identity card

    Non-EU citizens
    passport with visa

    driving licence, vehicle registration document, green insurance card (recommended)

    Dogs + cats
    EU pet passport, microchip, rabies vaccination

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