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Have you ever heard the names Ana Ivanović, Milos Raoni, Mirko Vučinić? All three are well-known sportsmen from Montenegro. Typical for the Balkan state are mountains and forests. In Lovcén National Park you can enjoy almost untouched nature and have a beautiful view of the country from the Njegos mausoleum. If you are looking for more adventure, you should go on a rafting tour through the Tara Gorge. The gorge is with 1300 meters the deepest in Europe.

A culinary speciality is the ham from the small village of Njeguši. It is dried on beech wood for several months, which gives it a unique taste. A Montenegrin wine tastes best with it.

Country information
  • Surface 13812 km²
  • Capital Podgorica
  • car national character MNE
  • Summer/Winter Time
  • Preselection +382
  • Currency Euro (€)
  • Lane right
  • Toll Some roads are subject to tolls
  • Speed Limits 50/100 km/h
  • daytime running light mandatory
  • First-aid kit mandatory
  • Warning Vest mandatory
  • warning triangle mandatory
  • Volt / Hz 220 V / 50 Hz
  • connector types
    C F
Rravel documents
  • EU citizens, Swiss
    passport, national identity card

    Non-EU citizens
    passport with visa

    driving licence, vehicle registration document, green insurance card (recommended)

    Dogs + cats
    EU pet passport, microchip, rabies vaccination

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