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Did you know that famous musicians like the band a-ha and singer Marit Larsen come from Norway? And who has not heard of Edvard Grieg or Johan Svendsen? Don't miss the Bergen Festival - the most important music festival in Norway. Art lovers can also visit the Munch Museum in Oslo, with an impressive collection of Edvard Munch's works. But nature also has a lot to offer in Norway. In northern Norway you can experience a breathtaking landscape full of islands, deep fjords and steep mountains. You also have a good chance of seeing the northern lights during the polar night in winter.

If you are hungry or thirsty, Norway also has plenty to offer. Nature determines the menu: fresh fish and meat dishes are always popular. Salmon and herring are among the most popular types of fish. One speciality is gravlaks - salmon pickled in a salt, sugar and dill mixture. Reindeer and elk meat are also part of the upscale Norwegian cuisine. Game dishes are often served with cream sauces and cranberries. The Norwegian national drink is Aquavit, a schnapps made from potatoes and caraway. Bjør or Mjød is also popular - a type of mead dating back to the Viking Age.

Country information
  • Surface 385203 km²
  • Inhabitants 5 Mio.
  • Capital Oslo
  • car national character N
  • Summer/Winter Time
  • Preselection +47
  • Currency Norwegian krone (nkr)
  • Lane right
  • Toll Some roads are subject to tolls
  • Speed Limits 50/80/100 km/h
  • daytime running light mandatory
  • First-aid kit recommended
  • Warning Vest mandatory
  • warning triangle mandatory
  • Volt / Hz 230 V / 50 Hz
  • connector types
    C F
Rravel documents
  • EU citizen, Swiss
    passport, national identity card

    Non-EU citizen
    passport with visa

    driving licence, vehicle registration document, green insurance card (recommended)

    Dogs + cats
    EU pet passport, microchip, rabies vaccination

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