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Nikolaistr. 8
24937 Flensburg

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The rum history of Flensburg to touch

Flensburg was one of the most important trading ports for the ships of the Danish West Indies fleet in the 18th century. Their original destinations were the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, the former Danish West Indies St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John. From there they brought raw rum, called Killdevil, to the city - and with it the original form of rum, a strong drink of the inhabitants of Danish West India. The many shanties around the famous Buddel Rum still bear witness to this today.

The rum was (and still is) distilled in the Caribbean, the Flensburg rum producers blended and refined the strong and clear drink, which gets its brownish colour from storage in wooden barrels, over the centuries. In the heyday of rum there were over 200 rum houses in Flensburg. Today there are still two, which keep the tradition alive: The old-established Rumhaus Johannsen in Marienstraße and the Wein- & Rumhaus Braasch in Rote Straße with its own rum museum. An ideal souvenir from a holiday in Flensburg.

Throughout the year, public guided tours are offered on various topics, but especially on the history of rum. Of course, a visit to a rum house and a sample of the liquid gold of the north are included. In addition, guided tours of the Rumhaus Johannsen are offered every Friday during the season, and on Wednesdays at the Braasch Rum Manufaktur Museum.

Freizeitaktivitäten: harbour tour, city tour, Shopping-/Outlet-Center

Sportaktivitäten: Swimming, Sailing, Hiking, Golf, Minigolf, Bowling / Skittles, Tennis

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Kulturangebote: museum, palace/castle, cinema, discotheque

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Events: cultural events, markets, sunday open for sale

Märkte: fish market, seasonal market, christmas markets

Kulturveranstaltungen: funfair

Mobilität und Verkehr: local public transport, parking facilities

Öffentlicher Personennahverkehr: bus, urban railway

Fernverkehr: harbor, railway station

Parkmöglichkeiten: Parking garage, car parking space, Garage / Basement, caravan pitch, Bus parking

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Verwaltung und Service: city service, safety and health

Stadtservice: Wi-Fi (free), public toilet, tourist information

Sicherheit und Gesundheit: pharmacy, rescue service, hospital, police, fire brigade

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