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Stadt Zürich

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Stampfenbachstr. 52
8021 Zürich

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Telephone +41 4421 54000
Fax +41 4421 54099
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+41 4421 54000 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Due to its special location on Lake Zurich, surrounded by the majestic Alps and beautiful nature, Switzerland's largest city offers unique opportunities for leisure and vacation. There, cultural activities in the city as well as outdoor activities in the natural surroundings can be perfectly combined. Most of the sightseeings of Zurich are grouped in and around the oldtown and therefore the easiest way to get there is on foot or with short tram or bus rides. Besides buildings and monuments, Zurich's location on Lake Zurich is also worth a look. At the Bellevue or Bürkliplatz you can enjoy a beautiful view of the lake and the Alps in good weather. Both lake shores with their promenades and parks are then attractions for many locals and tourists. The Uetliberg, Zurich's local mountain, is also picturesque. It can be reached with the Sihltal-Zurich-Uetliberg-Bahn, which runs from the main station. An absolute must is a visit to the well preserved old town. The best place to start a tour is Central-Platz opposite the main station. It continues on to Bellevue-Platz am See, past Münsterplatz and St. Peter's Church. In the old town on the right-hand side, the old town hall in Renaissance style, the Romanesque Grossmünster and the guild houses along the Limmatquais are particularly noteworthy. The best way to get to the sights is to stroll through the Villabassa and the Upper Village. There you will find a particularly large number of beer taverns, snack bars and cafés, which invite visitors to linger.


Zurich lies at 408 m above sea level at the lower (northern) end of Lake Zurich in the valley of the Limmat and in the lower valley of the Sihl, nestled between the heights of Uetliberg in the west and Zürichberg in the east.

Freizeitaktivitäten: harbour tour, Playground, city tour, thermal, zoo/animal park, Wellness, sightseeing tour, Sport, Shopping-/Outlet-Center, park/garden/green area

Sportaktivitäten: Swimming, Soccer, volleyball, cycle, Golf, fishing, Hiking, Bowling / Skittles, Horse riding, Tennis, handball

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Kulturangebote: discotheque, museum, opera, palace/castle, Theater, religious institution, places of interest, musical, cinema

Bildungseinrichtungen: vocational school, library, primary school, nursery, university, adult education centre, high school, comprehensive school

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Events: cultural events, markets, conferences/congresses, fairs/exhibitions, sporting events

Märkte: art market, seasonal market, weekly market

Kulturveranstaltungen: festival, concert, town festival

Wirtschaft und Politik: foreign representations, financial institutions

Kreditinstitute: cooperative bank, private bank, Landesbank/Sparkasse

Auslandsvertretungen: consulate, embassy

Mobilität und Verkehr: longs-distance transport, parking facilities, sharing, local public transport

Öffentlicher Personennahverkehr: bus, ferry, urban railway, subway

Fernverkehr: harbor, railway station, airport

Sharing: bikesharing, carsharing

Parkmöglichkeiten: Bus parking, Parking garage, bicycle station, car parking space, Parking (on site), Garage / Basement

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Verwaltung und Service: city service, safety and health

Stadtservice: tourist information, Wi-Fi (free), public toilet

Sicherheit und Gesundheit: pharmacy, hospital, rescue service, fire brigade, police

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