The number of coronavirus cases worldwide has risen to almost 78,000. According to the ADAC, more than 1,700 people have died so far. In Europe, Italy has the highest incidence of coronavirus cases.
However, the Foreign Office has not issued any travel warnings so far.


Every 4th car driver in Berlin rates his or her ability with 10/10, but curses when driving much more than the rest of the republic. A new study by Car Del Mar shows in which vehicles and federal states people curse the most. The survey with 1,000 participants shows that 82 percent of motorists in Germany have an outburst of rage at least once a month. The most cursed are in Berlin, North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria.


In 2019, over 24.3 million guests visited the 5,051 North Rhine-Westphalian accommodation establishments, which recorded around 53.3 million overnight stays. As reported by Information und Technik Nordrhein-Westfalen as the State Statistical Office, the record result from 2018 was thus exceeded once again: Both the number of visitors and overnight stays rose by 2.6 percent compared to 2018.


Last year, the ADAC road patrol drivers and the club's mobility partners were deployed 3,756,226 times. This meant that almost 10,300 motorists who had been injured in accidents could be helped every day. This represents a slight decline of four percent compared to the previous year.

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