With our exciting quiz and travel games, boredom during the next car journey is no longer an issue. Simply download, print out and take it with you on your next trip - and the little ones are already busy! Nobody can refuse a quiz in honour.

We offer you the perfect pastime for many destinations: Which friend of the Eifel knows what is behind the "Nerother Kopf"? Does Munich really have fewer inhabitants than Palermo? And what are the famous Regensburg choirboys' names again? These and many more questions combine fun and games with practical travel knowledge. You will also find a solution sheet on this page. Also, if you prefer to solve number or word puzzles, you will get your money's worth.

So: on your marks, get set, quiz!


Bayerischer Wald Download
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Norditalien Download
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Salzburger Land 1 Download
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Schweiz Download
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